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Metrioptera brachyptera (Linnaeus, 1761)

Bog Bush Cricket

Taxonomy: Orthoptera>>Ensifera>>Tettigonioidea>>Tettigoniidae>>Decticinae

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Metrioptera brachyptera Metrioptera brachyptera Metrioptera brachyptera Metrioptera brachyptera

Status: British Isles native species.

Description: Green or brown but with bright green underside. The pronotum has a cream-coloured band only on the hind edge (unlike Roesel’s Bush Cricket, where the band goes all the way round the pronotum).

Size: 11-21 mm

Wings: Short-winged (brachypterous), with only vestigial hind-wings and short fore-wings. There is a rare fully winged form, f. marginata with brownish-black wings.

Stridulation: Soft but shrill buzz like rapidly ticking watch

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Calling song.
Source: Baudewijn Odé

Calling song at lower temperature.
Source: Baudewijn Odé

The Bog Bush-Cricket has a distinct chuffing sound when heard through a bat detector.
Source: Malcolm Lee

Food: Mainly vegetarian, feeding on buds, seeds and flowers.

Habitat: Lowland heaths and clearings in damp heathy woodland. Eggs are inserted into vegetation by means of the ovipositor.

Phenology: Nymphs hatch in May and June. Adults from July until late autumn.

Distribution: The records held by the National Biodiversity Network are shown in the map below.
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