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Chopardina importata (Uvarov, 1921)

Taxonomy: Orthoptera>>Ensifera>>Tettigonioidea>>Rhaphidophoridae

Status: Occasional casual introduction.

Description: A camel cricket endemic to Corsica with very long, thin and hairy legs. The ovipositor is slightly upcurved. The species has brown stripes across the back. There are about 30 characteristic spines on the hind thighs.

Food: Carnivorous. Prey includes other insects.

Habitat: This species is endemic to Corsica and lives in caves, although at night crickets venture out of the caves regularly. The species prefers humid conditions and a fairly constant temperature. It has been imported to Britain with plants, but has not become established.

Phenology: In their native range, adults as well as young may be found all year round, with the highest abundance from October to December.

Distribution: This species is not present in the National Biodiversity Network Database currently (October 2008).