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Acheta domesticus (Linnaeus, 1758)

House Cricket

Taxonomy: Orthoptera>>Ensifera>>Grylloidea>>Gryllidae>>Gryllinae

Status: British Isles non-native species.

Description: Greyish brown cricket with two dark bars across the head, and cerci no longer than the ovipositor.

Size: 14-20 mm

Wings: Fully winged.

Stridulation: Regular, shrill chirp.

Recordings: Note, your ability to play these recordings depends upon the configuration of your computer and browser.

Calling song.
Source: Baudewijn Odé

Courtship song.
Source: Baudewijn Odé

Food: Omnivorous, feeding on a wide range of animal and vegetable matter.

Habitat: Few outdoor records; mostly confined to domestic houses and other premises.

Phenology: Lives in artificial conditions and lacks seasonality or diapause.

Distribution: The records held by the National Biodiversity Network are shown in the map below.
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