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Gryllus bimaculatus (De Geer, 1773)

Southern Field Cricket

Taxonomy: Orthoptera>>Ensifera>>Grylloidea>>Gryllidae>>Gryllinae

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Gryllus bimaculatus

Status: Occasional casual introduction.

Description: Shiny, black-headed cricket.

Size: 17 - 23 mm

Wings: Both sexes have forewings extending beyond the tip of the abdomen. Female’s wings are almost black. Both these characteristics distinguish the species from the Field Cricket.

Stridulation: Series of loud, ringing chirps that come at a rate of several a second and can be heard from quite a long distance.

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Calling song.
Source: Baudewijn Odé

Food: Omnivorous.

Habitat: This species is not native to Britain and is bred in captivity as live food for reptiles. Temporary colonies sometimes build up from escapes or introductions, and are not associated with particular habitats.

Phenology: Can occur all year round.

Distribution: The records held by the National Biodiversity Network are shown in the map below.
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