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Tetrix ceperoi (Bolivar, 1887)

Cepero’s Groundhopper

Taxonomy: Orthoptera>>Caelifera>>Acridoidea>>Tetrigidae

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Tetrix ceperoi

Status: British Isles native species.

Description: Small grasshopper-like insect with wide ‘shoulders’ and a narrow tapering abdomen hidden beneath an extended pronotum. Wings exceed the tip of the pronotum. The distance between the eyes is smaller than in the very similar Slender Groundhopper (no more than 1.5 times the width of an eye).

Size: 8-13 mm

Wings: Fully winged, capable of flight and adults can swim.

Stridulation: None.

Food: Algae, mosses and lichens.

Habitat: Open, sunny situations. Many records from coastal sites, sand dunes and dune slacks, shingle banks, drainage dykes near saltmarshes and seepages on sea cliffs. Also occurs inland by streams and ponds. Eggs are laid directly into the ground or in low vegetation.

Phenology: Late instar nymphs and immature adults overwinter and mature in spring. Nymphs appear from May to July; adults appear by August.

Distribution: The records held by the National Biodiversity Network are shown in the map below.
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