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Anacridium aegyptium (Linnaeus, 1758)

Egyptian Grasshopper

Taxonomy: Orthoptera>>Caelifera>>Acridoidea>>Acrididae>>Cyrtacanthacridinae

Status: Occasional casual introduction.

Description: Large brownish grasshopper with dark patches on the hind wings and multiple vertical bars down the eyes. Peg between the forelegs and a prominent keel in the middle of the pronotum that is broken by three deep transverse furrows.

Size: 50 - 81 mm

Wings: Fully winged with wings extending beyond the end of the abdomen in both sexes.

Stridulation: None.

Food: Herbivorous.

Habitat: Common species in the eastern Mediterranean, arrival in Britain as a vagrant or accidental import.

Phenology: Adults have been found in Britain from late summer through to November.

Distribution: The records held by the National Biodiversity Network are shown in the map below.
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