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Stenobothrus stigmaticus (Rambur, 1839)

Lesser Mottled Grasshopper

Taxonomy: Orthoptera>>Caelifera>>Acridoidea>>Acrididae>>Gomphocerinae

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Stenobothrus stigmaticus Stenobothrus stigmaticus

Status: British Isles native species.

Description: Smallest grasshopper; usually green with brownish wings and sometimes develops orange-red colouration on the tip of the abdomen. Males have thickened, but not clubbed, antennae.

Size: 10-15 mm

Wings: Wings just short of reaching the tip of the abdomen.

Stridulation: Unobtrusive series of chirps in bursts of 1-4 seconds duration.

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Calling song. Three verses, interval between verses shortened.
Source: Baudewijn Odé

Food: Herbivorous.

Habitat: Only found on the Isle of Man, where it lives on dry grassy slopes above the sea around rocky outcrops and in vegetated sand dunes. Short turf (5-10 cm) often with heather (Calluna vulgaris) or western gorse (Ulex galii).

Phenology: Eggs hatch in May and adults appear in early July to mid-October.

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