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Euchorthippus elegantulus (Fischer de Waldheim, 1825)

Jersey Grasshopper

Taxonomy: Orthoptera>>Caelifera>>Acridoidea>>Acrididae>>Gomphocerinae

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Euchorthippus elegantulus Euchorthippus elegantulus Euchorthippus elegantulus

Status: Channel Islands native species.

Description: Slender grasshopper which is brownish or straw coloured, the side keels on the pronotum are almost parallel.

Size: 10-22 mm

Wings: Winged and flying readily. Wings do not reach the end of the abdomen.

Stridulation: A series of brief zzip sounds at the rate of one per second for up to 30 seconds.

Food: Mainly grasses.

Habitat: Hot sunny locations near the sea on dune systems, roadside verges and unimproved pastures. Found only on Jersey, not on mainland Britain or Ireland.

Phenology: Nymphs hatch in May. Adults are present from early July to October.

Distribution: This species is not present in the National Biodiversity Network Database currently (October 2008).