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Apterygida media (Hagenbach, 1822)

Short-winged or Hop-garden Earwig

Taxonomy: Dermaptera>>Forficulidae

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Apterygida media

Status: British Isles native species.

Description: Reddish brown with yellow legs. Slightly smaller than the Common Earwig, and it is light brown all over. In contrast to the Common Earwig, the species also lacks a tooth on the inside of the pincers in both sexes. Females are very similar to Forficula lesnei.

Size: 6 – 10 mm

Wings: Hind wings are only tiny lobes and it is flightless.

Food: Includes petals.

Habitat: Leaf litter in woodlands. It also climbs into trees and shrubs and may be found in flowerheads. Formerly common in hop gardens of Kent but have declined.

Phenology: Active all year around except during periods of frost. Adults present from August to September but they are nocturnal.

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