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Orthopteroids of the British Isles Recording Scheme

Grasshoppers & Crickets with Earwigs, Cockroaches, Stick Insects and Mantids

The fauna of Orthoptera and allied insects is charismatic, diverse and abundant. Orthoptera provide one of the many sounds of summer; a time when they can easily be found in meadows, trees or bushes.

In the British Isles there are 27 native species of Orthoptera (grasshoppers and crickets) and a number of non-native, naturalised species. The Orthopteroids of the Bristish Isles Recording Scheme includes these and also native and non-native allied species (insect groups historically considered closely related to the true Orthoptera): cockroaches, earwigs, mantids and stick insects.

Over the last few decades some native species of Orthoptera have expanded their distribution range and new species have arrived in the British Isles; almost certainly a consequence of our warming climate. "The remarkable range expansions observed for some Orthoptera species over the last two decades have shown, unequivocally, that where species are capable of exploiting new habitats, they have done so. Moreover, the profound changes that we have observed to date are clearly only the tip of the iceberg." (Dr Peter Sutton)

This is an exciting time to record and study Orthoptera and we look forward to receiving your records. Records will be made publicly available to all via the NBN Gateway after validation and also appear on the species accounts.